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Time saving, minimal staff and lower cost

Longbow's self- service kiosks transform your service experience towards a better customer experience and more efficient performance with less operational expenses.

We empower businesses like yours to accelerate services to clients, where customers can perform several services by themselves.

Payment Kiosk

Payment kiosks allows customers to easily make payments at their convenient time and place, Easy-to-navigate touch screen user interface speed up transaction time and provides customers with a pleasant customer experience. Payment kiosks are suitable for government bodies, universities, hospitals, etc, to streamline their payment collection operations while offering convenience and faster service.

Food Ordering Kiosks

With food ordering kiosks, customers can browse and select food il to their hearts content in their own timing. Food ordering kiosks ha been well proven to increase average order size, in addition to reducing queuing time by at least 50%, Upselling and recommendations further increase the average order value.

Ticketing Kiosk

Ticketing kiosks lets customers quickly view and select various ticket types and packages. The kiosk user interface can also be further enhanced to let customers select time slots seats and add-on's such as F&B's, souvenirs, etc. The efficiency and speed of ticketing kiosks are well appreciated by both customers and businesses alike. Ticketing kiosks can be designed to issue paper tickets, printed wrist bands, cards and even e-tickets which can be sent to the customer via email or mobile phones. Ticketing kiosks can be further enhanced to by adding personalization through integration with existing CRM and loyalty schemes.

Card Reload And Dispensing Kiosks

Let your customers easily purchase your prepaid value cards and reload them through our Card Reload and Dispensing kiosks. These kiosks are suitable for e-money, e-wallet companies, theme parks, schools, colleges, large factories, etc.

Kiosk Payments

All types of kiosks can be equipped with either cash and /or cashless payment options. For cash payments, businesses have a choice to only accept cash or accept cash with change provided. For cashless payments, a variety of unattended payment terminals are supported and E-Wallet payments are enabled through the addition of QR Code scanners.

Longbow partners with reputable and reliable cash component suppliers to ensure the delivered solution runs smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Our series of kiosks offer a versatile blend of human touch and innovative technology

  • Rugged design for heavy-traffic usage
  • Triple-layer compartments for added security
  • Facial and voice recognition technology
  • Integrated Kiosk Software frameworks designed for everyone
  • Modular configurations made optional i.e. card dispenser, barcode scanner, cashless devices
  • Design catering for accessibility/disability guidelines
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